No tablecloths is just common sense

Yikes, it’s been ages!! This post is slightly (very) overdue, but I’ll try my best to think back to May when Chaz and I went to Maniks in Filton, Bristol 🙂

It’s fair to say is that this place did give us something to smile about. The little button on each table you can press to call a staff member over to order another drink was a personal favourite, (unfortunately, it didn’t make the x factor style buzzer sound effect I was hoping for). We also quite liked the huge-print menus, and agreed it was nothing short of genius that they’d thought to forego tablecloths and therefore the (surely extortionate) dry-cleaning bill.

Our curry at Maniks
Our curry at Maniks

The food and its presentation we were less keen on. We both went for Indian (Maniks is quite different in that it offers Indian and Thai under one roof). To keep it brief, Chaz’s Shashini wasn’t very sour (meant to be a sweet&sour dish), and the sauce for my main (Shashlick) didn’t have the greatest of flavours, not to mention all the dishes were a little bit on the cold side – safe to say we were a little disappointed. But I think we were perhaps even less keen on the presentation. Chaz’s bowl was…..well, see for yourself in the pic (it’s the one at the back!) Not the most practical when you want to get your rice and your bread in amongst it! And I wasn’t 100% sold on the goblet of salad either….

To give them their dues though, the rice was nice, the naan was nice (I don’t think we had two though – which is very unlike us!!) We also felt that the pace of service was good – it was quick, without feeling rushed – a definite plus. Oh, and not forgetting the added extra of Guylian seashell chocolates with the bill, instead of those naff mint chocolates. Hooray, at least, for something a bit different!

So if there’s two of you choosing somewhere to go for food in Bristol, and one of you likes Thai and one of you likes Indian (and you both like something a tiny bit random!) – then this is the place for you! If not – we’d say there’s better out there folks.